How to purchase your car online

Are the prices with VAT?

Yes, they are with VAT.


Do the prices enclose the change of ownership?

No, the cost for the change of ownership is not enclosed.


May I see the car I’m interested in ?

Yes, the car will be at your disposal for a test drive.

Please let us know if you’re coming so that we can double check if the car is still available.


Which are your working hours?

We’re open from Monday to Friday, morning 9.00-1.00 - afternoon 3.00-7.00

On Saturday morning 9.00-1.00

By appointment on Saturday afternoon and Sunday.


May I buy the car on the internet?

Yes, by filling the request form on the car page, please advise that you wish to buy the car and you’ll receive our offer. After sending it back with the copy of your id, we’ll forward our bank details for the first transfer. The balance must be settled before the delivery.


I would like to sell my old car, can you estimate it?

Yes, please send us an email with some pictures, the copy of your vehicle registration, the kms/miles, the general conditions and you’ll receive a first estimation but please note that a sharp estimation can be done only by seeing the car.

Do not forget to advise your telephone number to call you back.


Can you estimate my car by telephone?

Our estimation is based on the datas that you give us by email (kms/miles, general conditions of your car, pictures, etc.) but it will be valid only after having seen and tested the car.


Do you provide funding and/or leasing?

Yes but only if you/your Company are/is based in Italy. We work with some banks, funding and leasing companies to provide this service.

We’ll need the following documents :

For individuals: id/fiscal code/paycheck(if employed)/tax return/IBAN code/privacy approval

For businesses: company details and id of the managing director/financial statement/IBAN code/non mobile telephone number/privacy approval


Do the car have a warranty?

Yes all the new cars have got a legal warranty for 24 months, the second hand cars have got a legal warranty for 12 months starting on the delivery.


The car I like is no more available. Can you please let me know when another similar car will be available?

Yes, if you authorize us to re-contact you, we’ll be happy to let you know when another similar car will be available in our showroom.

Can you do home deliveries?

Yes if in our region, if far away we can organise a shipment.

Please ask for cost and delivery time.


Can you trade in a car owned by a leasing company?

Yes if your leasing is Italian, we need to get all the documents to close the leasing with the updated amount to be paid.


You say the car I like is no more available but I still see it on some websites, why ?

Maybe you’re surfing on not updated websites.

Please visit our website to know the real availability of our cars or contact us directly.


For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +39 0573 994291 or +39 0573 994184